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Away mode ("Classic Messenger" interface mode)

This function allows you to set up your own presence status that is visible to other users. It's a simple use the Away mode if you are currently away at the office or your workplace. In the Away mode an image near your name shown in another users' contacts changed from online to temporarily absent.

To switch to the Away mode click  Switch to Away mode button on the toolbar, select appropriate item in "Tools" main menu or use Ctrl+W hotkey.

Choose an existing away message

In the opened dialog enter your message that describes a reason of your absence or click Browse... button to choose Away message from your list.

When you switch to the Away mode Bopup Messenger changes it's icon in system tray area

Your away text message is visible to other users on IM network. To exit from the mode, click again the same button on the toobar.

Away mode settings can also enable to switch the messenger to Away mode after 15 minutes of computer idle. In this case the instant messenger automatically sets an away message that contains current time and is available to remove users.

An away message can be delievered as an automated reply to all incoming messages. This function can be also configured in the messenger settings.