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  • "New / Reply..." — Open a new sending dialog box or reply to incoming message.
  • "Forward..." — Forward incoming message displayed in your Today's Messages list.
  • "Move to previous" — Pass on to a previous message.
  • "Move to next" — Pass on to a next message.
  • "Mark as favorite" — Mark displayed message as a favorite message.
  • "Mark all as read" — Make all incoming messages as read. This will stop all notifications in Contact List, opened conversations and system tray area.
  • "Delete" — Delete a current message.
  • "Delete all" — Delete all received messages.
  • "Remember me" — Remembers current user credentials entered in the messenger for the next automatic startup if authentication with the IM server was made via manually typed account name and password. This option is similar to checkbox on the Login tab.
  • "Log out..." — Closes current session, disconnects from the communication server and shows the Login tab.
  • "Exit" — Close Bopup Messenger.


  • "Log history" — Switch on/off a logging of all incoming and outgoing messages and files.
  • "View..." — Display Message and Transfer History dialog box.


  • "View user's details..." — Display account information on a sender of current incoming message or currently selected user in your My Contacts list.
  • "Read user's away message..." — Display away status text for account selected in your My Contacts list.
  • "Switch to Away mode..." — Switch Bopup Messenger to/from away mode.
  • "Transfer files..." — Send files, folders and documents to another user or messaging group.
  • "Open receiving folder..." — Browse the default directory with received files and documents.
  • "Connection Setup Wizard..." — Run the Connection Setup Wizard to specify a server name and enter to IM network.
  • "Organize Contact List..." — Run the Organize My Contact List Wizard build and save your personal contact list from a list of users available to you.
  • "My account..." — Change and specify details related to your IM account. Information you entered is available to other users.
  • "Options" — Change the program settings.


  • "Contents" — Open Bopup Messenger help.
  • "License Agreement" — Display End-User License Agreement (EULA).
  • "About Bopup Messenger" — Display version number and licensed details of the program.

You can use keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) for many of the tasks that you perform in the Bopup Messenger to help increase your efficiency.