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IServerClient interface

The IServerClient interface implements all functionality used to establish connection to the IM server, send and receive instant messages, receive lists of contacts and assigned groups from the communication server, view and modify user's account information, etc. This interface is designed primarily for Microsoft Visual C/C++ programmers because it operates standard C++ variables and data types.


InitializeInitializes IServerClient class. Must be called prior other functions of the interface.
OpenSessionEstablishes session with the IM server.
UpdateSessionChanges/updates presence status of the established session.
CloseSessionCloses established session.
GetGroupsGets a list of assigned groups into internal buffer.
EnumGroupsRetrieves a list of received groups after successful GetGroups function call.
GetGroupContactsGets a list of users assigned to specific group.
EnumGroupContactsRetrieves a list of group users after successful GetGroupContacts function call.
GetAvailableContactsGets a list of contacts available to current user.
EnumAvailableContactsRetrieves a list of received contacts after successful GetAvailableContacts function call.
GetContactListGets a list of contacts saved by current user.
EnumContactListRetrieves a list of received contacts after successful GetContactList function call.
SetContactListStores current user's Contact List.
CreateAccountCreates a new user account on the IM server.
ModifyAccountRetrieves current user account for modification.
SaveAccountChanges current user account information.
ViewAccountGets account information for specific user.
SetAccountPasswordSets a new password for current user.
SendMessageSends instant message to a user or group.
SendMultipleMessageSends instant message to several users and/or groups.
SendMessageTypingEventSends a message typing instant notification to a remote user.
SendFileSends files to single or multiple recipients. This method must be called only after successful call of SendFileRequest.
SendFileRequestSends a request to the IM server prior a file transfer process to obtain a possibility to send the data and to resolve a presence status of the recipients.
ReceiveFileReceives incoming file data.
DeclineFileDeclines incoming file transfer.
GetAccountInformationRetrieves current user's first and last names within account flags.
GetAccountStatusRetrieves a presence status for specific user.
GetLicenseInformaionGets information about current software license on the IM server.
GetServerVersionRetrieves current version of the IM server.
GetSessionKeyRetrieves current estashlished session GUID.
GetEventDescriptionRetrieves extended information on given error code.
GetSDKVersionGets version of IM SDK.
TestConnectionChecks a given address of the IM server.