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ContactListStruct type

Retrieves information on a list of available contacts and Contact List, returns the number of received Organizational Units and contacts.

Type ContactListStruct     Flags As ContactListFlag     OUsCount As Integer     ContactsCount As Integer End Type


Array of bitwise flags that indicate options for retrieved Contact List. These flags are set on the IM server. This member can include one or more of the following values:
Indicates that the retrieved contacts must be shown in a structured tree-based mode. In that case the OUsCount member contains a value greater than zero.
Indicates that the displayed Organizational Units within contacts must be initially collapsed to hide their contents. This flag is set only if ContactListFlag_Structured flag is set too.
Indicates that the retrieved contacts are locked on the server and cannot be changed from the IM client application using IServerClientVBA::SetContactList function.
Indicates that the sending instant messages to users that are not included to user's Contact List is prohibited.
Contains a zero-based number of retrieved Organizational Units.
Contains a zero-based number of retrieved contacts.