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IServerClientVB::Initialize method

Initializes the IServerClientVB class and puts necessary variables used by the object. This method must be called before calls of all other methods of the IServerClientVB interface.

Public Sub Initialize(     ByRef ServerAddress As String,     ByRef ServerPort As UShort,     ByRef ClientType As Byte,     ByRef WindowHandle As UInteger,     ByRef ResultCode As UInteger )


[in] String variable that contains the name or address of the IM server. The address can be IP address or DNS name of a computer.
[in] UShort variable that specifies TCP/IP port on the IM server to connect to. Set this parameter to 0 value to use default port.
[in] Type of the messaging client. Depending on this parameter the IM server performs or does not some operations, data delivery, etc. This parameter can be one of the following values:
Indicates a full-featured client which can send and receive instant messages, operate with contacts, groups, etc.
Indicates a one-way messenger client that can only receive messages. Operations with contacts and groups are not allowed.
[in] Handle of the window that should receive all notifications and messages sent from the IM server.
[out] Variable of UInteger type that gets an extended code if error result is returned. For available codes see Available Extended Codes topic.

Return Value

The function was successful.
One or more arguments are incorrect.
Some error occurred in the function. Check ResultCode variable to get extended information on the error.