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IServerClientVB::TestConnection method

Makes a test connection to the IM server using the given address and TCP/IP port. This function can be used for verification purposes to check a presence of the IM server. The function does not establish a session with the IM server, it disconnects once the IM server accepts a connection.

Public Sub TestConnection(     ByRef ServerAddress As String,     ByRef ServerPort As UShort )


[in] String variable that contains the name or address of the IM server. The address can be IP address or DNS name of a computer.
[in] UShort variable that specifies TCP/IP port on the IM server to connect to. Set this parameter to 0 value to use default port.

Return Value

Connection to the IM server is successful.
Cannot connect to the IM server because it is not found or not running. Check the server address and port.