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VBNotifyGroupStruct structure

Specifies information on assigned messaging group when it is added, changed or removed on the IM server.

Information on changes is delivered through VBNotification.NOTIFY_SERVER_MESSAGE notification message within WParam parameter set to VBNotification.GroupAdded, VBNotification.GroupChanged or VBNotification.GroupRemoved value. LParam of those notification messages points to this structure.

Public Structure VBNotifyGroupStruct     Dim Permissions As Byte     Dim GroupFlags As UInteger     Dim Group As String     Dim Description As String     Dim OldGroup As String End Structure


Indicates the user's permission to send messages to the group. The user has permission to both send and receive group messages if this member is set to 1 value and can only receive group messages (one-way messaging) if this member is set to 0.
Array of bitwise flags. This member can be one or more of the following values:
Indicates that group does not show a list of users assigned to it. Subsequent retrieving a users list using IServerClientVB::GetGroupContacts function is not necessary because it's call will return empty list.
Contains name of the group.
Contains short description of the group.
Contains the old name of the group if it is renamed. This member also contains the name of the group if it is removed.