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IServerClient::SendFile method

Sends files to single or multiple recipients. This method must be called only after successful call of IServerClient::SendFileRequest.

HRESULT SendFile(     LPDWORD lpTransferFileStruct,     LPDWORD lpFilesArray,     LPDWORD lpRecipientsArray,     LPDWORD lpdwExtendedCode );


[in] Pointer to a TRANSFER_FILE_STRUCT structure that contains information on the files/directories that are being sent.
[in] Pointer to an array of FILE_NAME type that contains paths of the files/directories that are being sent.
[in] Pointer to an array of MULTIPLE_RECIPIENT_STRUCT structures that contains recipients of the file transfer.
[out] Pointer to a DWORD variable that gets an extended code if error result is returned. For available codes see Available Extended Codes topic.

Return Value

The function was successful. Check lpdwExtendedCode variable to get extended information.
One or more arguments are incorrect.
Some error occurred in the function. Check lpdwExtendedCode variable to get extended information on the error.


Check the extended code returned by previous call of IServerClient::SendFileRequest if the file data must be delivered to offline users. In cases when the returned value is TRANSFER_FILE_ALL_RECIPIENTS_OFFLINE or TRANSFER_FILE_SOME_RECIPIENTS_OFFLINE the dwTransferFlags member of the passed TRANSFER_FILE_STRUCT structure should have FILE_TRANSFER_FLAG_OFFLINE flag set to allow the IM server to keep files for a scheduled delivery.