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Contains information about an Organizational Unit that is used and displayed as a user container within a list of available users and Contact List retrieved from IM server.

typedef struct _TRANSFER_OU_STRUCT {     DWORD dwOUFlags;     DWORD dwId;     DWORD dwParentId;     char lpszOUName[64 + 1];     char lpszDescription[255 + 1]; } TRANSFER_OU_STRUCT;


Not used in this version of the IM Client SDK.
Contains the unique identifier which can be referred by the dwOUId member of one or several elements from TRANSFER_CONTACT_STRUCT structure array if a list of available contacts or Contact List is retrieved from IM server. This member can be also referred by dwParentId member of one or several elements from the array returned by IServerClient::EnumAvailableContacts and IServerClient::EnumContactList methods.
Contains a zero-based identifier that refers to dwId member and identifies the parent item. If this member is set to zero value this means that the item is a root element.
Contains the name of Organizational Unit.
Contains description of Organizational Unit.